Inrolm Holdings Limited - is an IT company with many years of experience

Our products are used in many business areas.
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Implemented projects in various business areas


More than 3 years of experience in complex it-solutions for customers around the world


Satisfied users of our products


Big clients around the world



We suggest you familiarize yourself with the products created by us. Our developments will allow you to optimize various areas and greatly simplify the technical aspects of running your business.



We offer quality and stable solutions for your large and medium-sized businesses. Our more than five-year experience in the global market allows you not to doubt the correctness of the choice of our company.



The main resource of any successful company is its employees. We have real professionals who are dedicated to the development of our projects.

About Company

Inrolm Holdings Limited - is a company operating on the world market for more than 3 years. We create products and solutions for large and medium-sized businesses. Our company provides round the clock technical support of our products in Russian and English, as well as maintenance of our developments without days off and holidays. Products are regularly updated and updated on the basis of current security standards.

Before the update is received by all our customers, it is thoroughly tested and tested - more than 300 hours from 10 specialists in various fields on the following parameters:

  • Load of systems
    Load of systems
  • Stability of software
    Stability of software
  • Speed tests
    Speed tests
  • Data exchange response
    The response of data exchange
    between servers
  • Security
  • Simulation
    Simulation of more than
    15 fault situations
  • Modeling situations
    Modeling situations
    with a sudden change in temperature conditions

Each product undergoes a 200-hour stress test and only after 100% of the product`s availability and updates do they go out into the light!

We managed to achieve this result with the help of a team of highly qualified specialists in the IT field. Over 20 real fans of the business work on each project - people who do not just work in our sphere, but live it.

Our Vacancies

We are ready to expand our team and invite to cooperation
of people of the following professions:

Obligatory conditions for a candidate are:

  • Experience more than 5 years
  • Readiness for remote work
  • Passion for your work
  • Well organized person

Obligatory conditions for a candidate are:

  • English level at least intermediate
  • Ability to work on weekends
  • Positive mind and stress resistance