"The secret to successful hiring is this: look for the people who want to change the world." - Marc Benioff

We hold the opinion: "You know yourself - teach another!". In the modern world it is extremely difficult to manage without reliable and dedicated professionals who are ready to help only beginners on their way. Employees of our company willingly share their knowledge and practical skills with young people who want to work in the IT field. The learning process is based on a competent and clear presentation of the theory and a large number of practical work. This helps the learning participants to more quickly understand the subtleties of the material being studied and to analyze the level of mastering the acquired knowledge.

Our company is in constant search of ways to improve and refine the products we have already created, because we never stop there! But, undoubtedly, it is important for us to work on new areas of application of the products we create. That's why we do not stand still and create new technical means for monitoring, management and control in various spheres. Presentations of new products are conducted by the leading developers of our company, so you can always ask any questions interesting you and get competent and complete answers.

Our company believes that it is necessary to help already familiar and potential clients to understand the intricacies of modern business development. IT outsourcing is an important part of simplifying the management and maintenance of complex computer equipment and information systems especially for companies far from specialization in these matters. This type of outsourcing is focused on supporting and further development of the company's IT infrastructure in order to optimize work processes, reduce financial costs and increase the efficiency of the company as a whole.

Our company values ​​its reputation and the comfort of our customers:
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Our company values ​​its reputation and the comfort of our customers, therefore we carry out presentations of updates of our products at the highest level. Before getting to the client, every update is tested for hours on a wide variety of parameters, starting with a performance check with increasing the upper limit of the load to resistance to various types of attacks. Thus, at the presentation, customers receive a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the updated functionality and learn first-hand about all the intricacies of customization for improving the quality of products.

We have been successfully working with our clients for almost 3 years. Modern trends in the development of computer technology dictate certain conditions for participants in the business arena, so to have competitive advantages you need to keep up to date. Our experts and invited experts told the participants about the possibility of digital transformation of the already ready business and its conversion into new business models. All theoretical examples were illustrated by the success of real companies, which allowed participants to more quickly understand the subtleties of digital modernization.

Some photos from events: