Inrolm Holdings Limited is a company operating on the world market for more than 3 years. We create products and solutions for large and medium-sized businesses. Our company provides round the clock technical support of our products in Russian and English, as well as maintenance of our developments without days off and holidays. Products are regularly updated and updated on the basis of current safety standards.

Before the update is received by all our customers, it is thoroughly tested and tested - more than 300 hours from 10 specialists in various fields on the following parameters:

  • Load of systems
    Load of systems
  • Stability of software
    Stability of software
  • Speed tests
    Speed tests
  • Data exchange response
    The response of data exchange
    between servers
  • Security
  • Simulation
    Simulation of more than
    15 fault situations
  • Modeling situations
    Modeling situations
    with a sudden change in temperature conditions

Each product undergoes a 200-hour stress test and only after 100% of the product`s availability / updates do they go out into the light!

We managed to achieve this result with the help of a team of highly qualified specialists in the IT field. Over 20 real fans of the business work on each project - people who do not just work in our sphere, but live it.

"The secret to successful hiring is this: look for the people who want to change the world." - Marc Benioff

It is impossible to overestimate the main resource of our company - a well-coordinated team of professionals, each of whom is a devoted fan of his business. People are the fundamental part, the basis of everything that eventually moves our world forward. We at Inrolm Holdings Limited believe that it is impossible to create a successful business without qualified professionals who really love their business and live by it. People who work with us are not just high-class technical specialists, designers and testers, first of all each of them is an important part of our friendly family. Yes, you are not surprised, it`s the family, after all, for quality work, any person needs to feel support and a friendly atmosphere in the team.

Our scope of work is IT technology and the development of various products that help to streamline and optimize many areas of business. Our employees constantly watch constantly changing trends, analyze and implement the latest technical developments. We believe that the desire to improve ourselves for a specialist working in our field is a fundamental thing. Constant master classes, advanced training, webinars and other training events allow our specialists to stay abreast of the latest developments. After all, despite the fact that each of these people has already achieved tremendous mastery there is no limit to perfection!

At the moment, our company employs more than fifty employees, which allows us to perform a variety of tasks quickly and qualitatively. Our specialists are responsibly approaching their professional duties. We believe in our employees, so we guarantee for every product that our company produces. But you can not rely only on trust, for this reason, everything that we create is subject to repeated, thorough checks and many hours of testing. Our company seeks to popularize knowledge in the field of IT, so we are actively training young professionals. If you want to engage in an interesting and well-paid job, strive for career growth and development of professional skills, do not be afraid of stressful situations and want to work in a friendly team, then contact us - at the moment we are ready to actively expand our team!